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Go Couriers has a solution for everything no matter the size, weight or location. We're an independently-owned courier, express freight and specialised logistics company in Australia. We offer a broad range of fast, efficient express transport and logistical services.

Our Services

Go couriers is Australia’s Premium Hotshot specialists company.
Go Couriers modern Fleet of vehicles comes with the latest technology where customers can track everything in real time.
All our drivers are specially trained and have millions of Kms under their belt.​
24-hours service

2 Hour delivery Same City

This service is perfect for businesses who need affordable and fast 2 hour delivery solutions.

Store To Home

Store To Home

Get your items delivered the same day and choose your own delivery time.

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AIR Services

Get your freight delivered to any major Australian city within hours.

Memorable Experience For
Your Customers

  • Route Optimisation

    Let the drivers pick the shortest & fastest routes to make sure your customers get their orders on time

  • Easy to Navigate

    An easy to navigate app for your business to run smoothly.

  • Real-time tracking

    Let your customers track their orders in real time on map interface.

  • Safety

    Don't Worry, your orders are safe with us.

Boost Your ROI With Exceptional Customer Experience

Boost Your ROI With Exceptional Customer Experience

Why Customers Choose Us

Customer Focused

Customer Focused

Our main focus is our customers and primarily try hard to satisfy them

Tailored Logistical Solution

We provide solutions that are customized to your business needs

Customers as Family

When you work with us, you become one of our family members

Covering The Entire Country

We have a fleet of vehicles that delivers Australia wide


Go Couriers don’t have  standard delivery times we work for you the customer at your conveniences.

Yes we are, we have offices and depots in capital cities across Australia and have a vast network of agencies in rural areas.

Yes we do! Think of a way to get something from one place to another and you can be sure that go couriers  can do it for you. We are all about flexibility and will work out a transport solution to suit you or your company.

Yes we do but all third party logistics are fully accredited by Go Couriers

No, we don’t carrier dangerous goods

Yes, we do and can provide you cover upto $200,000 per item at a cost of $50.00.

For same-day local metropolitan deliveries, the fuel surcharge is 9.6% and for overnight/interstate deliveries the fuel surcharge is 17.4%. Fuel costs are forever changing and so cannot be included in our rates. The fuel surcharge covers the cost of our driver’s fuel needs. This surcharge is not negotiable and cannot be waved.

As Go Couriers is a company and by law, we must pay our drivers for all hours worked.
No Job: Where a pick-up is booked, but the consignment is not available at the nominated time or location, a futile pick-up charge of $18.50 per pick-up is applied.
Wait/Load Time:
Courier: $4.95 per 5 minutes is charged, after the first 15 minutes of waiting time at either the pick-up or the delivery point.
interstate: $36.61 per hour, in increments of 15 minutes, after the first 15 minutes, is charged for waiting time at either the pick-up or delivery point.

Simply download our app from the google or apple store. Follow the instructions and you are good to go.

You can track your job on the app when you book it and you get live ETA.

Our driver will leave your item in a safe location and send you a photo via our app.

Yes, you can speak with the driver via the App as soon as he accepts the job.

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